Citation styles: APA, MLA, Vancouver, Chicago, Harvard, Custom

APA citation style

APA is one of the most commonly used citing formats that students and professors of various educational institutions apply to their works on social sciences and a number of other topics. In essay writing, it is crucial to have one’s paper formatted in accordance with specific guidelines of one or another style. APA appears to be both simple and convenient for those who prefer to use such citing generators as citation machine or bibme.

MLA citation style

MLA is the citation format that scholars employ to refer to sources in humanities or liberal arts. The most significant advantage of this style is its preciseness that makes it possible for readers to find exact pages that authors derive their ideas from. MLA makes you paper look properly organized and well-structured. Therefore, it is a good idea to use this format for individuals that desire to cite a website, picture, or other unusual contents that often require addressing original sources for more information.

Vancouver citation style

Vancouver is usually preferred by medical workers. However, not all nurses and doctors use this format as many of them are not familiar with its standards. Therefore, these professionals trust EssayAmbulance to take care of their dissertations and serious projects that require especial dedication to formatting. In addition, papers edited with the help of Vancouver style demonstrate the neat presentation of reference lists and in-text links to those.

Chicago/Turabian citation style

The Chicago Manual of Style is used predominately for formatting various academic publications rather than common school paper or assignments. However, some professors require using it as it presupposes the inclusion of footnotes at the end of every page of the work, which makes the referencing system easier for readers to understand. In turn, Turabian is a slightly modified style of Chicago that has particular stylistic and usability improvements, which makes a writer’s job less complicated.

Harvard citation style

One can find many examples of Harvard referencing style online that might not be applicable to their specific pieces of writing as almost all universities or colleges around the globe set and acknowledge their own modifications of it. Therefore, it is sometimes hard to use this format due to the large variety of its presentations. Additionally, Harvard is almost perfect to use in every discipline as it presupposes many contractions in in-text references and a well-presented bibliography.