Choosing a Reliable Essay Writing Service in 2019 [Read Before Ordering]


According to The Telegraph, the demand for online essay writing services has been increasing rapidly in recent years.

Some people have been using this fact as an opportunity to provide high-quality academic assistance.

However, the current market is overwhelmed with frauds looking for easy profits now and here.

Since these companies do not care about their reputation, they will not hesitate a minute to rip you off.

As there is quite a high chance of being scammed buying academic papers online, this article will be helpful for students that are willing to pay someone to write their paper.

After reading this post, you will be able to differentiate between trustworthy and dishonest websites trying to confuse their customers regarding the quality of their services.

What is an essay writing service?

A custom essay writing company is a website that offers people help in completing their college assignments for a fee.

There is a wide range of work variations that customers can choose from:

  • Customized Essays
  • Dissertations
  • Courseworks
  • Term Papers
  • Research Papers
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Theses, etc.

The main purpose of these organizations is to earn money by assisting students in academic research.

Now, you might be wondering – How do these sites operate? What are the benefits of customers using such resources? And what aspects determine the best research paper writing services on the market?

I will attempt to answer all of these questions in the following detailed analysis.

But before digging into the essence of the question, let me ask you:

Have you ever searched Google for someone to write your college paper?

Perhaps you were trying to look up some tips that would help you complete a school assignment.

Or I bet you have been wondering about various techniques to improve your academic writings.

If the answer is yes, then you should know how many scams there are today trying to sell you low-quality works for hundreds of dollars, which makes it really hard to find a truly reputable resource.

If you haven’t been looking for such companies – well, I guess you have a lot of spare time and a passion for writing.

If so, you can be proud of yourself to know that you do not belong to the other 31 million people all over the world that constantly request help in writing their academic papers.

Usually, first-year students use the paper writing help as they do not know all the college standards yet like citation styles, essay structure, and credible scholar databases.

Imagine a situation – you have just entered your dream college and shortly your professor assigns you a four-page essay on a general topic. Say, global warming.

As a diligent student, you will try to complete the research on your own. But after a couple of hours spent online, you suddenly realize that you could not find much valuable information. However, the majority of the sources that seem to have much sense may not be scholarly.

And this, as you might already know, is unacceptable for a flawless college paper.

Here’s an example of a good essay:

And this is a flawed paper – all of the mistakes are highlighted with yellow.

Did you find any of your mistakes?

If you could not figure out why a certain part is wrong, you can share this post on your social media to show that you are interested.

Once this post gets more than 50 shares, we will make a publication about common mistakes in academic writing and notify you about it.

Then, you will be able to eliminate all of these corruptions and more on your own!

After you realize that there are millions of factors to consider, you go searching online for primary principles of writing in the academic language.

But even after you have found all the necessary resources and figured out how to write in the academic language, your headache does not stop.


Well, because you may simply not know what to begin your paper with.

Therefore, if you are stuck at any of these stages, it is the right time for you to address an essay writing service!

How to determine a reliable academic writing service or writer?

This is actually the trickiest part of your customer experience.

Therefore, the following list contains 5 hints on how to determine a trustworthy paper writing agency:

1.    Security and Privacy

First and foremost, you want to make sure that your personal data is safe.

Although you don’t necessarily have to provide your ID number or address to such companies, they might require your e-mail, phone number, and name.

Usually, essay writing services collect this information to be in touch with you during the process of research.

In order to be on the safe side, look for an SSL certificate on the organization’s website.

Basically, you just have to find the lock icon in your browser’s search bar:

But if a domain does not have this extension – you do not have any guarantee about your cyber safety like so:

2.    Money Back Guarantee

Usually, customers can find a link to this policy in the footer of a website like so:

Thus, you will be able to know that you can always get a refund if the service appears to be unsatisfactory or fails to meet order instructions.

3.    Only Facts

The majority of paper writing companies claim that they are “the best”, “fully-reliable”, and that all of their customers are satisfied.

Basically, they will tell you anything for you to give them your money.

The main flaw of these statements is that they do not have any supporting data or statistics.

Instead, all you can is this:

Or this:

See what the point is?

Why should people believe these statements?

There is no evidence to prove those.

4.    Average yet Affordable Prices

Cheap papers might be really attractive to buy, aren’t they?

But be aware – there has got to be something that makes such a pricing policy exist.

If you see anything lower than $15 per page – that’s automatically unreliable:

Here’s why:

A professional writer holding a bachelor’s degree or higher would like to get paid at least $8 per page;

Office rental also is not cheap nowadays;

A reliable essay writing service should have editors in the team that receive from $1 per fixed page;

These are only a few factors – you can do the rest of the math, including utilities, taxes, and so on.

There’s no way a good company would only charge that much for their job.

It means that they are saving on something.

For instance, they might be outsourcing your orders to freelance writers.

Or they might not hire any editors, which means that your papers are not polished.

Therefore, you definitely cannot rely on such companies to provide an A+ work.

5.    Only Honest Reviews

It might be hard to see honest and what is more important – real reviews of academic services.

A reliable company would let you see the impressions of their clients in comment sections on social media.

If an organization is on some “top” list like this one – you better avoid it as these reviews are created by their founders:

As long as there is no credible evidence of why one or another service is good – do not trust their words.

How do essay writing services operate?

There are three main types of academic writing companies:

The ones that let you configure a price on your own or simply “writer-assigned”:

The ones that offer you pricing bids by writers.

And lastly, the ones charging you via e-mail, phone, etc. (do not have a set pricing policy)

Once you have found a decent service that meets your needs, you set the order requirements and pay the generated (or discussed price).

By then, you would usually have your account set up.

As soon as you have done all of these steps, all that is left is just to sit back and wait for the completion.

However, if you have forgotten to mention something before, the majority of companies will let you contact them in the meanwhile.

Thus, you will be able to clarify some details.

When you receive an SMS or e-mail notification saying that your order has been completed, you review the paper and accept the job.

However, if there are some blemishes or serious mistakes noted – you have 3 legal ways to resolve the problem:

1.    Request a revision

Usually, this option is free and you can use it within 14 subsequent days upon completion.

Just state what you want to improve and if your requirement is consistent with the initial instructions, most paper writing companies will have to unquestionably adjust it.

However, if you came up with new instructions – you must submit another order.

2.    Ask for a refund

If your paper is terrible and you can prove it by highlighting certain parts, a reliable essay writing organization will refund it upon your request.

However, make sure to request a revision first so that you do not lose your valuable time.

3.    Report the police

If you can officially prove your payment transaction – you can call the police.

They can oblige the website owner to provide the compensation immediately.

But before coping with such troubles, it is highly suggested that you read the Terms & Conditions document of any service you are about to use.

Who knows what these websites can include in their rules.

However, those are nothing comparing to the law.

If the company has committed some violation – their personally established conditions will not help them.

How not to be scammed by custom writing services?

Nowadays, scams are all over the essay writing industry.

Therefore, it is necessary to know their appearances to avoid those.

Following is the list of 5 identifiable hooks and criteria that you can use to spot an unreliable and fraudulent paper writing website:

1.    Fake Customer Testimonials

It is easy to understand that a certain comment is fake:

There is no field for you to leave a reference;

There is only positive feedback;

There is no evidence proving this rating;

“Thanks” videos are always paid (seriously, who in the world would want to record a video reference to an essay writing service?)

2.    High-Quality Guarantee

Online writing websites cannot guarantee you anything for several reasons:

They cannot fully control the work of their writers;

They do not offer you anything in return if the order is not 100% flawless (unlike Papa John’s do with their delivery timing);

And as always, there is no measurable evidence (real number of satisfies customers or else).

3.    Many “Free” Features

It appears that such features as "title page, bibliography, etc." are already included in the price of an order.

Therefore, telling customers that these options are free is a complete lie or as they call it “a marketing hook.”

You cannot trust a business that lies you about the displacement of your money, right?

4.    Claiming to Be the “Best”

Today, every second essay writing website claims to be the “best”.

So, whom we should actually believe?

It is better not to deal with such intruders before getting into any trouble.

5.    Free Plagiarism Checking Software

When essay writing services offer you to check a paper to detect plagiarism – do not fall for this.

Despite the promises not use your texts, they more than likely will resell those.

The only plagiarism checker that you should use is Turnitin.

This authorized tool is used mostly be professors and universities worldwide and thus can be trusted.

Even after enjoying academic help from reliable online companies, it is best for you to run the delivered paper through Turnitin.

Who and when should use academic writing services?

According to The Huffington Post, more and more students use the help of academic writing services every year.

Despite the claims of many professors that such an activity is unethical and immoral, some of them apply for the job of custom essay writers themselves.

Therefore, there are 4 reasons why a person should use the ghostwriting services:

1.    You are an international student

Sometimes it is hard for immigrants to write worthy papers because of their language limits.

Constant failures to submit high-quality works may result in school exclusion or even deportation.

There is nothing unethical in asking someone to write an essay for you under such circumstances.

Especially, if you provide the ideas that you desire to be present in the text.

There is nothing immoral about that either.

You don’t have to fail your classes just because the educational system does not consider your poor skills in a foreign language.

(Which is actually more unethical)

2.    You have a serious lack of time

Some students’ parents simply cannot afford college.

Other young people might have children in their 20s.

Who knows what problems an individual may have in their life – no one can judge them.

But in order to survive in the capitalist environment, the youth strives to enter a university by any means.

And does it mean that they have to give up on the goal to obtain a degree?

Absolutely not. That’s why essay writing services exist – they help you save time and mind more important business.

If the government or academic authorities do not want students to “cheat”, they must start providing free education to them.

Otherwise, it is unfair – they take your money first and then call you an “immoral cheater.”

So, don’t even hesitate to order a paper online if you have a tremendous lack of time.

3.    You can’t express your thoughts precisely

One of the most common linguistic problems that students in the English-speaking world have is that they can’t find the right word.

Or they haven’t studied the primary principles of essay creation.

But if you pay someone to complete a college paper instead, you will start gaining experience in academic writing and thus be able to eliminate common mistakes in the future.

By the way, here’s a video explaining how to do that:

There is nothing shameful in getting assignment help nowadays.

Especially, if you have sound ideas yet struggling to put those on paper.

4.    If the subject is not your specialty

Many universities oblige you to complete courses not related to your primary subject.

For instance, if you are going through a nursing program, you don’t necessarily have to study all the obvious leadership and teamwork stuff.

So, if you have got more important things to do, why not order a custom essay?

This will not have a detrimental impact on your professionalism.

At the end of the day, no one will be paying you for general knowledge in real life.

Are essay writing services legal?

Essay writing services are legal in all countries of the world and here’s why:

The companies avoid bans on plagiarism by providing only referencing materials to customers.

However, students may use them in any way they desire as the orders become their own property upon completion.

Academic paper writing websites promote honesty and academic integrity.

After all, they use those principles to research and arrange assignments.

David Anderson explains all of these reasons in detail.

Now let’s did deeper into the topic…

There is so much pressure on the industry because it’s too young.

JSTOR says that the first custom paper writing services appeared in the 1970s.

Just think about it:

Bullies have been also making younger or weaker students write essays for them.

This means that there is no way to force students to meet the expectations of professors.

And if so, why not order papers online?

Apparently, it may reduce bullying.

As you might know, almost all big brands lie to the public to make more money in sales.

For instance, car manufacturers are notorious for their lies.

Likewise, toothpaste companies make misleading statements.

Generally, there are many marketing hooks and “legalized fraud” made just to suck money out of our pockets.

The only difference between the aforementioned examples and essay writing services is that the latter do not cause harm to human health.

Also, paper writing websites do not bribe the government to conceal their ins and outs, unlike global corporations do.

Here, watch this funny yet truthful video to see how business giants fool us:

So, do essay writing services look illegal and unethical after all of that?

You can now place an order with a clear conscience.


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