14 Objective Reasons Why You Don’t Succeed in Essay Writing [Detailed List]


College time… Parties, sports, girls, fun. Unfortunately, it is not always that perfect. Especially, when you have got that essay writing task to finish. Or at least start. Lame. Who in the world would like to spend hours, days, and sometimes even weeks working on a stupid paper?

Such an attitude usually ruins the most interesting things in this endeavor. That’s why many of your classmates fail – they just want to get that task done and forget about as if it never existed. If you are one of those, you can simply get the best essay writing help in the world right NOW!

But if you actually want to study and not waste the money that you will eventually have to return in student debt, read this article to the end and behold the unheard secrets of essay writing that will facilitate the process of learning.

You Are not Familiar with Academic Writing Standards

The most common issue among freshmen is that they do not have an idea of how to compose a decent paper to actually meet professors’ expectations. In reality, it is not that hard at all. Once you have completed 2 to 5 assignments, your skills will let you be the guru among other peers.

However, you have to start somewhere. And in order to do this, it is of paramount importance to use specific guides that will help you address every minor concern regarding the quality of the final work. Here are 10 especially useful recommendations on proper English essay writing:

  • Cite all of the paraphrased information
  • Make your writing style formal
  • Synthesize and analyze other scholars’ knowledge before making any arguable claims.
  • Make sure to include a disputable thesis statement
  • Be consistent with a formatting style throughout the paper
  • Make your findings unique and valuable for further research
  • Don’t use first person
  • Don’t use passive voice
  • Don’t use phrasal verbs
  • Don’t use idioms or slang

Previously, we have already discussed the primary principles of writing in the academic language. In this article, we have made a detailed review of all of the aforementioned aspects and other crucial considerations.

Yu Seriously Lack Motivation

When people do not have the obligation to do something – they are unlikely to start until the deadline comes really close. The majority of students experience this issue when they get assigned with research assignments.

Despite the desire to get a high grade, there is nothing else that would strongly motivate you to create a flawless submission that demonstrates all of your professional essay writing skills. Therefore, here are 7 ultimate tips on how to obtain the inspiration to approach that task:

  • Create yourself a reward. For instance, take a resolution that you could order pizza only after having completed the college paper.
  • Imagine that your grade will monetize. The higher the score – the higher the royalty you will get.
  • Don’t think about entertainment. The most serious distractor from work is your desire to go do something else. Imagine that there’s simply nothing to do outside of your room.
  • Schedule your activities and mark milestones as done upon completion. This helps you see the progress you make and motivates to achieve higher results.
  • Turn off the Internet. Once you have found all the necessary literature – there is no need to go online. However, if you do – you might end up watching some video or chatting to your friends.
  • Clean your room first. When it is a mess – it is harder for you to concentrate on what has to be done. Instead, you occasionally procrastinate and think about how to reorganize the space.
  • Think of a positive You will be pleased with an A+ grade, right? Well, then try to make this experience as positive as possible for the professor as well.

You Can’t Lose Your Scholarship

You see, those enjoying scholarship programs are really concerned about every grade they are getting because it may influence their financial statement. However, the majority of students do not have this option and thus are not afraid of adverse consequences.

Therefore, you have to create some abstract failing points that you can’t hit under any circumstances. Imagine that if you receive something below C, you might not get a job in the future. Although this is just an assumption, your success in life drastically depends on the grades you are going to get while in school.

You Can’t Get Concentrated

Once you approach some work that is not your hobby but obligatory to complete, you pay more attention to various distractors than normally. Although some students enjoy writing their essays and research all the necessary material, many of them hate this activity.

However, whether you like it or not, it is your responsibility to finish the paper and get a passing score that would let you complete a certain course. Therefore, here are the 5 extremely useful tips on how you can get more concentrated on your college task than on anything else:

  • Drink Cold Water. This is a great antidepressant and energizer – your brain becomes more productive when it has to deal with low temperature. Moreover, energy drinks and tea usually presume specific activities like watching a movie or partying, which is definitely not what you need at the moment
  • Open the Window for Fresh Air. There is no better tonus provider than fresh air. It would have been even better for you to take your laptop to an empty beach when there is no wind and enjoy the sound of nature while writing. Not only those are satisfying, but they are also somewhat inspirational.
  • Get a Comfortable Seat. You know, some people claim that it is better not to feel comfortable when writing because you feel too relaxed and thus lower potential However, when you are sitting at the desk in one position on a hard chair – that makes you seek better conditions rather than conducting decent research.
  • Get a Soft Keyboard. Regardless of your average typing speed, the type of keyboard has a tremendous impact on the entire process of writing. Even if you enter the text fast with hard and deep-range keys, your fingers get tired really fast. Therefore, make your brain tired faster than the body.
  • Don’t Go to the Bathroom. Seriously, do all of your business before approaching the essay and wait until after you finish. Once you have left your working space, other factors will inevitably catch your eye and the time is lost!

Your Friend Can’t Get Lost

Friends… we sincerely love them, but sometimes they get annoying. Since many students have to work on their essays in dormitories, their roommates always happen to be around.

Sometimes, they will be initiating some talks that are obviously not that important or joking on some stuff they find online to drag your attention. You know, when it’s not your paper to be completed, you are not that respectful to the time of others.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to make it clear that you have to spend some time alone. And if your friends respect you, they will give you the opportunity to concentrate on the work.

You Don’t Consider It Important

Like many other students, you might think that you can submit that essay later or when the professor gets really serious about it. Actually, no. The majority of teachers set a specific deadline that you cannot miss in order to get a high grade. Once that requirement is failed, you usually cannot get anything above B- even if your submission is exemplary.

Or you might be thinking that the subject is out of your expertise and you don’t have to research to become a good employee or manager in the future. Well, then you should not have gone to college. Instead, it would have been a better choice to hire a personal tutor and obtain the exact knowledge that you need to apply for a specific job.

Essay writing is not about finding excuses – it is about demonstrating your skills in academic language, research, analysis, logical reasoning, critical thinking, descriptive techniques, and decision making. Hence, it is of your own interest to develop these traits and knowledge.

You Don’t Know About Useful Online Services

Do you find making a bibliography list in APA, MLA, Chicago, or any other format difficult and time-consuming? Then it seems that you are not aware of specific reference generators available online that convert the entered data into a precise citation, footnote, or endnote entry. Here are 3 FREE helpful tools that we’d like to share with you:

  • Citation Machine. This is the recommended service because it is absolutely free. All you have to do is to turn your AdBlock off and watch a short video to get access to the algorithms of the website.
  • EasyBib. This is a Chegg’s project and it has some paid options. For instance, it asks for a fee when you want to use APA or Harvard formats that it positions as “premium”.
  • Cite This For Me. We have no experience in working with this product. However, it has only positive reviews and does not seem to offer crucial paid options.

You Are Not a “Writing Person”

Every engagement in this world requires having and developing particular skills, especially – essay writing. It might not be that hard in school when you just have you tell your teacher how your summer break went. Once you enter a college, papers are not the easy job you can complete in the evening before class.

Instead, you have to conduct much research, make sure not to plagiarize, and consider a ton of different aspects directly influencing the final grade. If you want it to be A+, you must learn the writing mechanics, know how to make the presentation of a flawless submission, and be able to express your thoughts in a logical manner.

Becoming proficient in all of these skills takes much time and requires failing a couple of times for you to learn your mistakes. The most useful suggestion is to ask your professor to hand you some exemplary essays of alumni and read at least 50 pages of those in different formats before diving into writing.

This might seem a rather time-consuming recommendation, which it is. But we guarantee that this experience will save much more time and efforts in the process of practical essay writing in academic English.

And remember that the last thing you want to do is just to rephrase a classmate’s paper. Firstly, you are unlikely to pass a submission through turnitin.com, which almost all American universities demand. Secondly, teachers are not stupid – they have enough experience reading all of their students’ papers to recognize those with similar structure, flows, references, and ideas.

The key to academic integrity is honesty. Otherwise, the audience will not consider the text valuable.

Professor’s Instructions Are Too Complicated

Unfortunately, that happens a lot. Teachers get too accurate explaining what exactly they want you to deliver. Indeed, graduates do not read 80% of the instructions – they just focus on the topic and the main points to be covered.

And now we want to share this experience with you. These are the 4 ultimate hints on how to quickly skim essay guidelines:

  • Rad the Topic. Of course, the topic is the main requirement you must be looking at – there are no exceptions.
  • Determine the Format. Usually, you just have to hit key combination Ctrl+F to search for words in a document. You want to find APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, or any other style you have been discussing with your teacher in class.
  • Find the Length. You have to know exactly how many words to write. Do not exceed or leave any of those behind – this is usually a crucial requirement that makes approximately 30% of your grade.
  • Look for Additional Comments. Some instructions contain specific comments that are uncommon in other cases. Once you have found those, keep them in mind while planning the structure.

Almost all of your college tasks will have a grading rubric. It is strongly suggested to read through it the first three times. After that, you will have a general idea of the content and will not need to pay much attention to it every time you approach a paper. It appears that the scoring criteria are almost always the same.

You Can’t Meet the Required Word Count

Sometimes, it is really hard to stretch the word count for a particular topic because it is not popular and thus there is not much to cover. However, some subjects are too specific and interesting that you can’t stop with the abundant idea flow and exceed the limit.

In order to take control of these deviations, you have to plan your work beforehand and make an outline, which will give you an understanding of how many words you include in one or another paragraph.

Also, you can use the online tool wordcounter.net. It shows the exact number of words, characters, and keywords your text contains. This website appears to be especially useful when working on a presentation because PowerPoint does not give you an idea of the actual word count.

You Do Not Know How to Format Your Paper

There is nothing shameful about this. In fact, formatting mistakes are the most common that students make in their college essays. As we have said above, there are four base styles that you have to know: APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard.

Also, you should already know how to arrange your bibliography list, which is covered in section 7 of this useful article.

However, there are other aspects essential to consider when formatting your submission. For instance, font type and size, headings and subheadings, page numbers, title page, and so on.

You Do Not Know Where to Get Credible Sources

A number of credible sources is a must for any essay, research paper, dissertation, thesis, and other college tasks. Basically, this is a skeleton of the entire text, which means that you have to pay extra attention to the chosen scholarly sources.

In particular, they must not be older than 5 years old, be peer-reviewed, and properly cited.

Before the assignment, your professor is likely to give access to an online library or database of your educational institution. However, if you cannot find the desired sources on such websites, we highly suggest you use the following 3 ultimate tools for research

  • Google Scholar. Google is one of the largest search engines that generate results from the most relevant domains. Moreover, it has many supplementary features, including a formatting tool that will make your inquiry investigation much easier.
  • Library Genesis. This is another popular database among scholars that you can use to find scholarly journals, books, credible websites, and so on with the help of precise filters.
  • EBSCO. That’s where the majority of university libraries take their contents from. EBSCO is the primary source of academic articles.

You Don’t Know How to Structure an Essay

Structuring a college essay is also a tricky task because you have to consider it while actually writing. For example, an ideal paragraph length must be more than 3 sentences yet not exceed 200 words. In turn, sentences should be fitting the range from 10 to 35 words.

The word count of the entire paper may be a little bit longer than required – just don’t make the “tail” longer than 10% of what’s is initially stated. Similarly, the introduction and conclusion sections should only contain one paragraph, the length of which fits the 10% of the paper.

Include appendices on a separate page after a bibliography list. Also, the reference page, abstract, and outline (if needed) all have to be on pages segregated from the primary context.

Take your time elaborating on the structure. Usually, it takes approximately 5-15% of your paper grade. You don’t want to lose the extra points just because, right? If you expect to deliver the best reading experience to the professor, a two-page submission might require from 4 to 8 hours of diligent work.

Generally, if you take the task responsibly, the teacher will show their serious intent to give you an A for it!  

Your English is not Academic or Proficient

Nowadays, there are many international students seeking opportunities in Australia, America, UK, and Canada. These young people usually come from India, China, and Arab countries in the Middle East. Since English is not their first language, it is extremely hard for these kids to follow all grammar rules and academic standards irreproachably.

First, you can use our services because we understand how hard it is for you to study diligently without the proper knowledge of the language. What’s even more shocking is that professors don’t care about this problem at all and therefore give no additional credit to foreigners.

There’s another option for you if you still haven’t learned all the necessary grammar and sentence structure rules. You can use the service grammarly.com. It corrects all of your misprints, mistakes, incorrect spelling, and so on. Even native speakers should use it to sound more professional.


There are tons of college paper examples online but you cannot be sure about their authenticity and quality. Therefore, we offer this ultimate chance to you – we can send you templates of any format you desire if you e-mail us with this request: support@essayambulance.com.

All that you will have to do with the templates is delete the sample text and simply enter yours. But your document will automatically have a title page, a reference page, headings, page numbers, correct margins, and proper format. Don’t miss this exclusive chance! 

There is only one place that all scholars refer to in order to see the latest updates in all formats and essay writing rules using a specific style. This is Purdue OWL. You can access this website and navigate it to find the rules of citing in Chicago, MLA, APA, and AMA.

Unfortunately, only these 4 formats are explicitly explained there. If you want to use Turabian, Bluebook, Harvard, AGLC, or another uncommon format, you can also contact us via e-mail. Our managers will provide you with relevant format guides within 3 to 5 hours!


The EssayAmbulance team has detected 14 not obvious yet objective reasons why you don’t succeed in essay writing. We want you to develop your skills in academic English and thus decided to share the valuable experience with our readers.

The main concerns of students that have to write long essays or research papers include the lack of concentration, credible and scholarly sources, poor motivation, the absence of proper templates or knowledge regarding a specific format. Also, there are less common issues like incoherent structure, illogical transitions and idea flow, and failure to meet the required word count.

You can add this page to your bookmarks in the browser in order not to lose the handy list and rules of writing an academic essay and address it whenever you approach another college assignment.

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