Money back guarantee

The following policy allows Customers to request reimbursements under the circumstances considered in the further context. In case if the Customer’s request does not meet any of these factors, they are welcome to address the Support Team Manager for a thorough discussion of the incident and its outcome.

Order cancellation

  1. The Customer reserves a right to receive a 100% compensation for their Order if the Product has not been worked on yet by any of the Writers.
  2. If the Customer requests a refund after any of the Writers had already started working on the Order, the former side will not receive more than 70% of the initial price because the labor of the employees has to be compensated.
  3. If the Customer requests a refund when the half of the deadline has already passed, they will not receive more than 50% of the initial price for the identical reason.
  4. If the Customer cancels the Order, they are not allowed to use any of the provided products because the copyright belongs to the Company in these instances.

Late product delivery

If the Company fails to provide a complete Product within the initially specified deadline by the Customer, the former side is responsible for paying out the compensation. The price may vary and depends on the time of the delay.

Since long-term orders (more than 14 days) are sure to be written within the initially stated deadline, the Company will provide the compensation of 7% to the Customer if otherwise.

  1. The compensation cannot be provided in case if it happened due to the Customer’s fault. For instance, if the Customer does not execute a timely payment or fails to purvey all the necessary information for the Order completion beforehand.
  2. The compensation cannot be given in case of various technical issues, including those in the Customer’s browser, connectivity provider, or any other related systems.
  3. If the Customer voluntarily provides a deadline extension, the compensation will not be paid to them as well.

Unsatisfactory quality of the product

  1. If the Customer is unsatisfied with the quality of the provided product, they can file a complaint and address it to the Support Team Manager via e-mail - The Company’s independent employees will investigate the case and compare it with the initial instructions to understand whether or not the compensation is possible. It is essential to realize that if the Customer requests a revision before the refund, the compensation will not exceed the limit of 70% of the initial price of the Order.
  2. If the Customer receives a low grade for the Product from their professor, they have a right to request a revision and send the educator’s feedback for a better understanding of the issues. However, the Customer must make sure to provide the precise instructions from their professor. If there is no Writer’s fault in misinterpreting or not following the given instructions, there will be no compensation.
  3. If the Customer claims that the Product that they received appears to be unoriginal, they must prove it by attaching a “” plagiarism report. Otherwise, the Support Team Manager will not accept this complaint and thus refuse to provide the compensation.
  4. The Customer must understand that the quality of short-term papers (up to 6 hours of deadline) might be of lower quality than regularly due to the rush and strictly limited time frames. Therefore, a compensation request must be declined in such cases, unless there are major mistakes that fail to address the main topic of the paper.

Extra services/additional features

  1. The Customer may not receive the compensation for the use of extra services. This rule is not applied to such additional features as “Draft” and “1-page summary”, unless they received these files before.
  2. If the Customer fails to enter a particular discount code in the relevant field of the price generator form, there will be no compensation provided to them as they have paid the stated price. To check the availability of discounts, the Customer may contact the Support Team Manager via e-mail -


  1. If the Customer wants to receive a compensation for one of the reasons mentioned in the previous sections, they must contact the Support Team Manager within 60 days after the Order delivery.
  2. The Company’s accounting department will investigate the case in cooperation with quality assurance managers within 5 business days after the request is made and will inform the Customer of their final decision by any available means.
  3. The Company’s representatives have a right to ask for the provision of additional information that will help them process the compensation claim as accurately as possible.


  1. If the Company agrees to provide compensation to the Customer in accordance with any of the above rules, the former takes the responsibility for making the payment within 5 business days after the positive decision is made. The Customer must realize that the Company is not responsible for any technical issues related to the work of payment systems that might delay the transaction.
  2. Refunds below $10 (ten USD) are impossible because the bank commission will take the most part of this sum. However, this money will be added to the Customer’s Personal Account as 1 free of charge page on the website that they can use to place other Orders in the future.