Terms and conditions

Interpretation of the terms

1.1 Agreement stands for the regulations and instructions determined in this document.

1.2 The Company (EssayAmbulance) is the writing service that produces academic works for Customers.

1.3 The Customer is an individual that accepts all the terms and conditions determined in this particular document and has used the Company’s services at least once.

1.4 Messaging System is the program that ensures proper communication between Customer and the Company’s representatives, including the Operator or the Support Team Manager.

1.5 Order placement is the confirmation of all the entries in the price generator and the following provision of the payment respectively.

1.6 Product is the final work in a digital format that the Customer receives after submitting their Order and that is consistent with the initial instructions as well as the entries in the price generator.

1.7 Revision is a post-delivery request that the Customer is allowed to make in order to improve the quality of the recently obtained Product.

1.8 The Operator is the Company’s employee responsible for the allocation, organization, and coordination of the process of Order completion.

1.9 The Writer is the Company’s employee responsible for the execution and timely delivery of the Order

1.10 The Support Team Manager is an independent employee that Customers can contact in case of some misunderstandings with Operators or Writers.

Order submission and registration

2.1 The Customer can submit the Order request by filling out the price generator form on the Company’s website or by directly contacting the Support Team Manager via e-mail or chat to help them with the submission in case of any uncertainties.

2.2 The price generator form is intended to determine the exact task and its topic, set Order parameters, and specify delivery terms. It is essential for the Customer to pay a thorough attention to this aspect because they are fully responsible for the righteousness of the entered and selected information.

2.3 In addition to the Order requirements, the Customer is required to register his/her profile with the Company by providing his/her name, e-mail address, country of residence and phone number. Should any of these parameters change over time, it is the Customer’s responsibility to update the profile accordingly or notify the Support Staff about the necessary changes.

2.4 Once the Customer’s profile is created, based on the information that is provided during registration, the Customer should not attempt to create another profile by providing different credentials when placing a new Order. The Customer is required to communicate and do business with the Company using one and only one profile, created during the first purchase. Should multiple accounts be created, the Company has the right to merge multiple accounts in one profile to keep the purchase history up to date.

Payment procedures

3.1 The payment for the Product is generated in accordance with the Company’s pricing policy and must be provided beforehand. The Company starts working on the Order only when the payment is received and authorized.

3.2 The Customer has a possibility to cover the price of the Order in installments. In order to have this option, the Customer must confirm it with the Support Team Manager and consider the following conditions:

  • The Order price must be $500 (or its equivalent in another currency) or higher.
  • It is impossible to divide one payment into more than four (4) parts.
  • The Customer must cover the first payment as they receive their primary payment link.

3.3 The Customer has several payment options, including the Credit Card, Wire Transfer, and PayPal. It is essential to realize that Wire Transfer transactions may take from 3 to 14 business days.

3.4 The company uses PayPal as its platform for all Order payment transactions. This requires the Customer to undergo a check-out procedure to pay for the Product. If one decides to use a Credit Card, they will have to fill in the PayPal form. This operation will not create an account on this platform but appears to be obligatory when proceeding with a one-time payment.

3.5 The Company does not take a responsibility for any procedural and/or technical errors that might emerge during the use of PayPal services. If the problem remains after following all the instructions of the payment platform, the Customer is recommended to check their card’s balance, limits, and validity before contacting the Support Team Manager for assistance.


4.1 Every Customer has a right to use all the discounts and special offers presented on the Company’s website in accordance with the conditions described in the related sections.

4.2 Discount options are applicable to all Orders following the first submission.

4.3 The Company will notify Clients of every possible discount that is available and applicable to their orders. If the function is available in the personal account, Clients can use discount codes to obtain a desirable discount.

4.4 The first-order discounts are available only once.

4.5 The Customer has a possibility to apply only one discount code to one order unless the Customer does not have their lifetime discounts or other attractive offers promised by the Company.

4.6 The Customer must inform the company about a possible discount in accordance with the offers listed in the relevant section on the home page of the Company’s website.

4.7 The Customer can purchase 100, 200, or 300 free of charge pages at a very attractive dicount price and enjoy the service's work almost half the price.

4.8 Even if the Customer uses free of charge pages, the remaining price of the Order can be reduced due to lifetime discounts.

4.9 Lifetime discounts are only available after successful order price generation.

4.10 Lifetime discounts are unavailable to new Customers and can be achieved only after placing the first Order.

Order process

6.1 Validation and Confirmation. The Operator is supposed to check the instructions of the Order that the Customer uploaded manually with those indicated in the price generator form. In case of some discrepancies, the Support Team Manager will contact the Customer to clarify specific uncertainties.

6.2 Volume of the Order. According to the Company’s policy, one double-spaced page should contain 275 words in it, regardless of font size and style. In turn, one single-spaced page equals 550, but the payment is requested respectively.

6.3 Changes in Order Instructions or Details. If the Customer desires to change the initial instructions, they must infrom the Operator that will contact the Writer and specify whether or not they have been working on the modified part yet. If so, the Customer will have to provide an additional payment for rewriting the fragment. If there are other changes that concern such minor changes as the deadline or the number of sources, the Customer must inform the Operator about the new requirement as soon as possible. If the changes do not happen to be consistent with the initial price generator form entries, the Customer will also be asked to provide an additional payment.

6.4 Credible and Reliable Information Sources. If there are any important sources that are obligatory to be included in the Product, the Customer must inform the Operator of this detail and provide the full version of the document to reference as well as any other information related to its requisites. The Customer must ensure the access to the Writer as they submit the final price generator form. If the Writer does not receive the file until the Product is delivered, they reserve the right not to include this resource in the completed order and let the Customer do it after the delivery.

6.5 Communication and Cooperation. The Customer can contact their Operator to discuss any issues via the Massaging System available on the website. Additionally, the Customer can address the Support Team Manager via e-mail - support@essayambulance.com.

6.6 Delivery of the Final Product. The Company and the Writer are both responsible for the delivery of each order within the deadline primarily set by the Customer. In case of any issues or need for the deadline extension, the Operator will make sure to contact and clarify this possibility with the Customer. The Customer can download the final version of the Product from their personal accounts. The Customer is responsible for downloading the received orders on time. If otherwise, the Company is not responsible for any possible technical issues that occurred and prevented them from doing so.

Revision of the orders

7.1 The Customer reserves the right to request additional amendments for free within the period of 14 days after the Order delivery. In case if the improvements are needed later than the term’s expiration, the Customer will be asked to provide an additional payment dependent on the complexity and volume of the updated task.

7.2 The Customer may ask for a revision within the period of 14 days since the initial order delivery.

7.3 A free revision is only possible when the request is consistent with the initial instructions. Otherwise, the Company might request an additional payment for any changes in the guidelines.

7.4 If the Product is delivered ahead of the deadline, the revision delivery deadline cannot reduce this time limit. Usually, revisions take longer than the primarily set deadline.

The use of the product

8.1 The Orders produced by EssayAmbulance are not intended to be submitted as Customers’ own work. The primary purpose of the Product is to be utilized as a reference or a sample of his/her own work. 

8.2 The Company strictly abides by all Copyright laws. Any opposing activity is a responsibility of the Customer if he/she breaks the Company’s Terms & Conditions.

Miscellaneous provisions

10.1 Both sides – the Company and the Customer must follow and recognize all the rules and conditions presented in this document. All the terms and requirement that figure in the current Agreement are to be respected and considered valid under any circumstances. As the Customer accepts all the Terms and Conditions, it will supersede all the written and verbal communications between the parties.

10.2 The Customer fully understands and accepts that if some of the presented rules are inconsistent with the law of their physical location’s government, it will not have any influence on the rest of the document. The rights and obligations of the Customer are applicable to all of the Agreement’s points and statements.

10.3 The Company abides by the rules in this Agreement that depend on the laws of the business’s registration.

Liability limitation

As the Customer accepts this Agreement, they thus consent not to hold the Company and other stakeholders related to the execution of their Orders responsible for any technical issues or Product corruptions that are beyond the Writers’, Operators' and Support Team Managers' competencies.